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Let's Manifest!

Words cannot describe how lit up I am by this course, and the life-changing energy I feel around it.

To put it simply, this feels like magic.

But it’s not.

It’s tapping into the power that you have had all along - to have, do or be ANYTHING you want in life.

If you show up, give your all, and truly commit yourself to this process, you will not walk out of this program as the same person you came in as.

How do I know? Because of how this unfolded in my own life...

In September of 2018 I left a 4 year relationship, moved out of a place where we lived together, with a brand new puppy, and moved meekly into my parents unfinished basement. I had just begun my business and was, at best, struggling financially, making under $900/mth.

I was undervaluing myself as a coach. I was terrified to offer my services. My hands would shake on sales calls when I told them what the investment was (under $100/mth at that time!) I knew I was a phenomenal coach. I knew I was getting my current clients insane results. And yet, when it came to new clients, I was terrified to ask for the investment.

On top of that, when I paid bills, I felt panicked and stricken with fear. Letting money go out made me want to throw up.

When I saw other people, I mentally thought they must be struggling financially, too, and believed that everyone just always is.

I quite literally could not comprehend that it was possible for anyone, let alone myself, to be financialIy thriving.

I’d say things like “money is so hard to come by” and “you have to work really hard to earn money” (little did I know it was beliefs like these that were perpetuating my financial struggle - which I will expand on and teach you in this course!)

I felt panicked when money didn’t come in and terrified when it went out

It was in that rock bottom moment, sleeping my parents unfinished basement, with a dwindling bank account, and financial anxiety through the roof, that I realized that it wasn’t my business or my skillset that was mucked up... It was my money mindset.

So right then, I decided to make 2019 my year to understand wealth mindset to the fullest possible.

I dug into all the books. I learned the laws of prosperity. I studied the mindset of wealth. I hired over 10k worth of courses and mentors by just 6 months into the year. And I did the work - I applied the knowledge. I pushed myself. I made no excuses for understanding how to create a life of financial freedom.

After just 2 months of this mental work, my income doubled.

Then tripled.

I moved out of my parents' basement and into an apartment.

I continued to study and apply the money mindset work I was learning.

And the floodgates opened.

As my income grew, it snowballed. 6x’d, 8x’d, 10x’d…. And continued to grow.

Not because of a specific strategy, click funnel, advertisement… none of that. Because I shifted my ENERGY around money and what I believed about it. I radiated abundance and wealth. I expressed immense gratitude for letting money in and out of my life. I got up at 5am to do my mindset routine. 3x a day I stopped to journal out new beliefs.

Day by day, I rewired my brain to attract in wealth.

My business has grown to 6 figures in 10.5 months.

From $900/mth… to nearly $20k months… this has happened so quickly it is still hard for me to conceptualize as my reality.

But it is.

This course is designed to teach you how to make those same shifts for yourself and fully open yourself up to receive the level of income that lights you up. It’s the same information that 10x’d my own income.

Students in this course & who have done this money manifestation work with me have had MIND-BLOWING results

  • $5000 random checks in the mail
  • $3000 checks as gifts from long lost relatives
  • business orders doubling
  • booking out their business with clientele
  • receiving over $10k in student merit aid
  • being hired for a job that earns $20k MORE per year

And so much more.

These students shows up. Made no excuses. And did the work.

If you commit to going all in on this course, you have the potential to create even more astonishing results for yourself.

Let me be very clear about something:

The idea in the course is not that you manifest the money right here and right now (though we’re open to that, Universe!)

The idea is that you learn how to manifest and call in money for LIFE. Whether that money comes tomorrow… or 2 weeks in… or 12 weeks AFTER the course does not matter to me, nor should it matter to you.

Decide right now that you care more about your LIFE than you do the next 6 weeks…. Now is the time to learn.

You don’t need to prove a thing. When you learn this information and integrate it… eventually the seeds will sprout.

Your job is not to know when it will happen… but to stay the course and trust. When you know this information, you’ve planted the seeds.

As you continue to water them, feed them, give them lots of sun… they will grow. But only as you continue to care for them - during this 6 weeks and well beyond.

Are you ready?

Things are about to change...

Disclaimer: Enrolling in this program is not a guarantee of money manifestation. These videos are intended for viewing and entertainment purposes only. They are the copyright intellectual property of Building Bri, Brianna Mosher. Your results from this program are unique, and none are guaranteed. By enrolling in this program you agree that you exempt Brianna Mosher from any liability.

Your Instructor

Bri Mosher
Bri Mosher

Brianna Mosher

Manifestation Coach,

Business & Lifestyle Coach,

Body & Life Transformation Coach.

Hi! I’m Bri, and I am obsessed with teaching you how to own your power and create a life you are in love with - abundance, love, joy + prosperity included.

I help you step into the wildly wealthy, successful, spiritual powerhouse you have always known you were meant to be… and manifest a life of your dreams.

Because life gets to be so dang good if you let it.

Let’s connect! I hang out on instagram most of the time, so that’s the best place to find me @buildingbri Shoot me a message and say hi! I’d love to meet you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
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How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
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We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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